notes from the present and the past

Handmade for dark times

20th March 2020
we are all on the anvil now


The FT calls to say that as the nation is now quietly at home, readers are advised to seek solace in viewing that calms the soul and lifts the spirits: Handmade, hand-made for BBC4 in 2015, is the balm they prescribe. If you have found this site and these words, it’s perhaps because you are un-sated by films Glass and Wood, and want some iron in your soul. The lead episode, Metal, filmed over a week at the Bushfire forge, is no longer available on the iplayer, but it can be found here. Go to the CV section, click on Arts and then at the Handmade entry, click on the viewing link. The password: viewfinder. When you are both relaxed and stimulated, you will be pleased to know that there exists a fourth film, never broadcast, about the making of a basket. If you then felt the need of further communications with the outside world, you might drop a message to The BBC encouraging them to get it out and get it on. You might wax lyrical about the positive effect of a second series. Then relax. We might never have normal again, but whatever state we return to, it’s going to take time. Best to take things slowly.