Beautiful Objects: China in Six Easy Pieces


BBC 4 Arts

Blast! Films


Shooting on HDXCam DoP Colin Fox.

TX Summer 2013.

Password: viewfinder

Mark Bell and Greg Sanderson at BBC Arts beguilingly suggest another outing before whipping off their disguise to reveal that it’s more porcelain and more Lars Tharp.

Lars has for some time been keen to return to the East, and after securing access to the Sir Percival David collection of Imperial ceramics at the British Museum, his dream came to fruition.

The first film featured porcelains made in the world’s first industrial city, Jingdezhen, from their birth in the fiery kiln to their delivery in the Pool of London, via the Pearl river and Canton. This involved cargoes crossing Lake Boyang, home in the Eighteenth Century to pirate hordes, before turning left and heading south. For this film, we turn right and go up the Grand Canal to Beijing via Hangzhou, Yangzhou and almost Nanking.

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