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Producer/Director making BAFTA and RTS award-winning and nominated films. Grierson finalist. Experience of most film-making situations; live, long-form observational, short, very short, 90 minute, feature, multi-part series as sole director, series director and self-shooter on all formats for many major world broadcasters and the web


Pasta Times

Making work for American streamers can mean a gestation period of pachyderm proportions. By the time the project reaches the air the joy or pain of making them is a distant memory.


With the success of season one glowing like a sunlit contrail behind him, tonight, Stanley Tucci starts Searching for Italy once again in the US at 2100 ET. Season Two shoots were big team, multi-camera affairs under extreme time pressure. Food and travel shows are always a migraine-inducing combination, macro and micro against the clock, but months after editing finished, and now deep in something else, the memories are only of camaraderie in bright sunshine and antipasti. Working with a talent as expansive as our Stan left even this over-stuffed individual with an appetite for more.

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In March 2020

The FT advises that those climbing the walls at home take episodes of BBC 4’s Handmade, on the hour, every hour. Those looking for episodes not on the iplayer will find them here. read more

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Hilary Mantel is not a person easily boxed into a standard hour, even a BBC one; she’s an open door you push and then fall through, flying headlong into her world, clutching the map you drew up before leaving home, wondering if you’ll ever find your way back, but hoping you won’t because her version of the film you thought you wanted to make is so much more compelling. Hilary was previously the film critic of The Spectator, a chair once occupied by my other favourite author, Graham Greene and no surprise. Both write books like films. Spending two sunlit seasons trying to make images to accompany her words was a challenge and a joy. Taking possession of the famous message in a bottle titles just made it all the more memorable. Arena: Hilary Mantel, Return to Wolf Hall.


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After many months in dry dock, Victoria and Albert: The Wedding is finally setting sail read more