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Producer/Director making BAFTA, RTS and Emmy award-winning and nominated films. Grierson finalist. Experience of most film-making situations; live, long-form observational, short, very short, 90 minute, feature, multi-part series as sole director, series director and self-shooter on all formats for many major world broadcasters and the web


Charmed to learn that the Netflix blockbuster Beckham series features an array of sequences taken from Tour Story, the Channel 4 Spice Girls 1998 American tour documentary directed by oneself. read more

Producer Serena and I are at fever pitch, as is the entire nation, because David, helped by ten other Manchester United worthies, is to meet and destroy Real Madrid in a tussle that might be as fascinating and history-diverting as the trouncing of the Armada.read more

The FT calls to say that as the nation is now quietly at home, readers are advised to seek solace in viewing that calms the soul and lifts the spirits: Handmade, hand-made for BBC4 in 2015, is the balm they prescribe. read more

Some jobs are like super tankers. By the time you’ve reached the pointy end, you can’t see the stern. Even with binoculars. I embarked on Victoria and Albert: The Royal Wedding, (BBC 2 on 21st December at 2030, and again on Christmas Day in the morning), when Spring had just sprung. read more