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  • Don't use the C word


    Tonight on BBC4 another outing with the kind of presenter who is born rather than created; Ryan Gander is a rare talent, not just as the creator of intriguing art that puzzles as much as it entertains, but as one who can actually speak about it on camera in language we can understand. Watch him explain the changing visual message of the Kyoto Geisha or the martial artiness of the Samurai aesthetic he unearths in Gundam toys, industrial robots and Japanese auto design, and relax; he’s education and entertainment on wheels. Only one area caused head-scratching. Voice over requires brevity, but calling Ryan a Conceptual artist was a simple concept too far. I left before the commentary record, so I await the resolution of the issue with bated breath.


  • wrap it up


    ​It has come to my attention that Europeans regard the British as lacking in certain respects. Not intelligence, as demonstrated by our lamentable inability to see the advantages of being ruled by Frenchmen in Brussels as opposed to Etonians in London, but something much more damning: our inability to accessorise.

    My interest in these matters is like falling off a cliff. At the top, (ties, collars and scarves) I’m fascinated. In the middle (watches and belts) attention drifts, but as the bottom approaches (socks and shoes) I’m obsessed.

    Of all of the above, it’s the scarf I love most. Dresses let women get to make big blocky colour statements, but for men, the tie is all too pathetic an announcement. A scarf is a flag you wrap up in, a banner bearing a strange device, or maybe just a single Pantone splash. One in five British men cross-dress to some extent: I would happily wear a colourful dress, but find the throttler allows me all the freedom I need. Save the pallid winding sheet; bury me in a few metres of Missoni, preferably pink.